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You don’t have to be an artist or work in a field that is traditionally regarded as creative.  I believe that creativity is the foundation of all activity, and all real problem solving.

Unfortunately, traditional schooling often sucks the creativity – or to be more accurate people’s belief in their own creativity – right out of them. The ideas, exercises, tips and concepts discussed here – tips I use in my own creative practice and journey – could help you reconnect to your own inherent creativity, rediscover your innovative problem solving ability, and express your own original ideas.

How the Creativity Blast Blog works.

Every week you will find a new creativity topic or idea. Here on the blog there will be an introduction to the weekly theme, under “Recent Posts”.

Then each day, I will post a Tweet with the hash tag #creativityblast with a daily inspiration or exercise to explore. So part of this is a great exercise for me in brevity!

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  • Monday is intro day – a link to the main post.
  • Try It Tuesday – at least one practical application of the idea.
  • Writing Wednesday – how the idea might apply to creative writing (and remember this doesn’t only mean fiction)
  • Thursday Inspiration – link love and people
  • Friday Fun – another idea or exercise
  • Spiritual Saturday – focusing on spiritual growth but not any one religion.
  • Sunday – a wrap up.

If you miss a tweet, don’t despair. I’ll reiterate them all and often expand them on the blog and my Craft-it-Easy Creativity Blast Newsletter.

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