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Break Through Thinking

Plant Cell Model detail

Plant Cell Model – chloroplasts and vacuole

I am super excited about a new personal insight into my own process.

I was listening to an Erika Kalmar training call, and she suggested this awesome self-reflective process, that I think could be helpful for anyone trying to turn their creativity into a practical action plan.

Erika outlined the steps.

  1. Write down your five most proud achievements in your life.
  2. Write down the main thing that you did to achieve it. What led to each success?
  3. What are the top three things/practices you do to achieve goals?
  4. How you can apply these to your current business?
  5. Then ask “What is your next goal?”

I actually had a list of seven personal and business achievements. And I saw a pattern immediately!

I realized that to create success in the past I usually:

  1. LEARN – read, study and research about the problem or issue. Learn how.
  2. PLAN – prepare well, make a list of steps, schedule, design – in the case of this blog, I planned my topics. For a successful production, planning the steps in the design work. Have a structure for a written piece.
  3. WORK – just do the work, and work hard.

I also realized that this system works when I follow these steps in order, rather than trying to take short cuts. Skipping ahead and failing to plan is just as disastrous for me as trying to learn on the go. Of course neither learning nor planning is at all useful without the follow through of doing the work. Plus it is important not to allow either of the first steps to become tools for procrastination.

It seems absurdly simple now that I see it written out –




But it has given me blueprint to proceed with my couple of businesses and the two writing projects and take them towards success.

What steps do you take to achieve successful outcomes to your projects?

The Year Ahead

New bulbs poking up through the woodchip mulch.

New beginnings. Photo Credit: James Coburn

Yes, it has been a bit of a staggered start to the new year of Creativity Blasts. I’m sorry about it, BUT that’s all about to change.

I’ve spent the last couple of days formulating and scheduling my weekly blasts right through to the end of next February. Every title is in my calendar.

I’m pretty excited about the year of creative inspiration ahead. I’m especially looking forward to next September when I am planning a special month long series about turning your creative passions into a business. Also through the year with be the Principles of Design, more Aesthetic Preferences, ideas for expressing your creativity as well as sources of inspiration and ways to rediscover your creativity. One new feature I am scattering through the year is “5 Questions to Ask Yourself” about a range of topics.

In the mean time, I have a very special writing assignment that will also take the next year, with research and interviews. I’ll be able to talk more about it soon, and there will be updates on my Making, Mothering, Musing blog.

Speaking of mothering, I spent the whole day today with my 14 year old daughter Jayn devising a new screenplay. She had a little idea starting with “wouldn’t it be funny if…”, and I said that would make a great script, and then we were off. It’s not often I have a high concept sci-fantasy actioner kicking around.

This is the second time one of Jayn’s ideas has turned into a collaborative script. I’m in the rewrite stage of one of her other ideas about an eco-warrior mermaid that I am loving as a family film. She is a great collaborator.

Tomorrow is big day – I finally will be setting up my new workshop in the garage. I have three workers coming over and we should be able to get the greater part done. That’s good. I have a bunch of thank you cards to make.

Stay tuned…and please sign up for the newsletter and follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff.


Holiday grab bag

Christmas Elf with Curly Toes

Christmas Elf with curly toes

Last week I gave you an elf figure – here’s another for you to use in your collages or card making.

If you want some holiday inspiration, there is a ton on Pinterest. Here is my Holiday Decor and Crafts board with links to 174 different projects, printables or ideas. A search of Pinterest will give you endless hours of surfing for creative inspiration.

A year ago I was writing for Natural Life Magazine. My column was Crafting for a Greener World, and I had a few columns related to the holidays. Last year I published this tutorial for a tree topper angel or caroling figure. You can also find a bunch of ideas for eco-friendly gift wrap in another article, and some crafty gift ideas of DIY craft kits.

Here’s my tutorial for one of my favorite holiday projects. This is how I use up all of last year’s received cards, and make evermore ornaments for my holiday tree. Now that we have a house, I see more than one tree in our future, so more ornaments will help.

Over on the ScraPerfect blog you will find many beautiful ideas for holiday cards, scrapbook layouts and crafting. One of my favorite tutorials ever is for my vintage-image transferred Family Tree Ornaments. I won’t be making more this year (thanks to moving) but I absolutely intend to go hog wild next year with my stash of vintage images for ornaments.

Vintage Image Ornament

Vintage Image Ornament

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We’ll be back in the new year with The Principles of Design, how to find your gateway art form, and more ideas for igniting and expressing your creativity. Much love to you and your family.

Here’s an elf for you

zentangle elf

Please feel free to copy and use this little Elf with a collage of zentangles that I drew a couple of years ago. Print, color and fussy cut – she’s great for holiday cards or tags.

I love doodling over text, in this case an outdated copy of the Writers’ Market – so no worries about wrecking a real book.

Meanwhile I’m still unpacking, unpacking, unpacking – and finding all kinds of little things that need fixing or tweaking in the new house. But nothing can dampen my spirits. I’ll be back with the real creativity blasts soon.

This week’s news

Iggy Jingles Crafts new headquarters

Our new house

I’m thrilled to say that my husband and I have had our offer accepted on a wonderful, beautifully finished little house in Mid-City. We are doing a super short escrow, to try to get into our new home before the holidays.

So there’s no creativity blast this week, and probably not next week either.

However rather than leaving without any inspiration, I invite you to visit my Pinterest boards, and start your own if you haven’t already….and start Pinning!

My experience is that the more particular and detailed the theme, title and description is for your board the better. The description should contain keywords to help people discover them for searching. Having a bunch of boards with specific titles like “Paper decoupage”, “Crochet”, “Wall art” and “Hot Glue Projects” is better than just one entitled “Crafts”.

Alternatively if you don’t want to be found at all, you can choose to make your boards secret.

You will find everything from recipes to building plans to quotes suitable for framing to fine art to fabulous vacation spots to gardening tutorials on the wide world of Pinterest. I use it as an adjunct to my creative businesses, but you can also use your boards for personal inspiration and to find like minded folk. Please comment on any pins that you especially like.

Stay tuned for the resumption of the Creativity Blasts soon, from my gorgeous new workshop space. I know it will be gorgeous! We are very excited about the prospect of decorating for the holidays this year!

The Time of Your Life is Now Online Workshop

“I let go of what I didn’t do. I release it to be carried away on the wind while I sleep tonight.
I look forward to all that awaits.  I open to the possibilities without being attached to the outcome.
I separate my value from the things I do. I identify with the goodness and grace that I share.
I declare to live a life in the pursuit of happiness.
Of my own desired design.”

Time of Your Life is Now

Here’s a creativity blast extra!

My good friend and creative being Flo Gascon is offering her creativity and life enhancing program, The Time of Your Life is Now as an online workshop for the first time.

The self-paced, email supported workshop is full of ideas and gentle guidance towards making this year, this month, this minute the beginning of the best, most fulfilled, time of your life.

And the great news is that the next supported session starts this Monday, July 15th, although you will have full access to the workbook materials the instant you register!

From the website:

The Time of Your Life program helps you design:

  • opportunities to be seen and known for your unique self
  • meaningful and productive celebrations of you
  • a toolkit for making things happen and feeling good while you do it
  • an arsenal of happiness and gratitude that inspires you
  • emotional space that honors where you’ve been while moving on


  • a New Step and Exercise in your inbox every day except Sunday for two weeks
  • a 40 page pdf workbook for in-depth examining and planning; a place to put your commitment in writing; a reference guide to remind you of your intentions
  • Intentions and Tools to make this the time of your life

My method + your work = sparks to create the life you want to live


The recommended price of the program is $37, and you can define the value of the program and choose to pay more if you wish.


But Flo understands that sometime people need a bit of encouragement and practical help to live their dreams, so she is offering the amazing “pay what you choose” option, allowing you to pay any amount from $15 on up, without judgment or sales pitches.

Click here to learn more and register.