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From the Serenity From Asia collage sheet

We are less than two days away from the launch of my new Creativity Blast blog and twitter program where I hope you will be inspired to restore and reclaim your creative spirit and start living even more creative lives than you are. I’m pretty amazed that I managed to make my first You Tube video introducing the idea.

Just preparing for this has given me a boost to my spirit, life state and general contentment – and I was pretty darn happy before. I feel like I have found one excellent way to express my mission to help people live more creative, vibrant, happy lives.

One tier of the mission has been going along for a while, as I parent and unschool my wonderful daughter Jayn, and love life with my partner and soulmate, James, as part of an incredible community of home schooling folk.

Another is my own busy arts and writing business, selling my art on Etsy and other places.

The third is the soon to be fully launched Craft-It-Easy e-book business helping Middle School kids and their parents make their crafty school projects – dioramas, miniatures, reproductions and models – fast, fun and easy. Stand by on that one. I’m busy writing and designing projects.

And now finally this concept, which I suddenly find I want to slowly develop into a full scale creativity coaching and mentoring practice, that will one day become the artist’s retreat I dream of owning.

Wow! My life is organized and moving forward – and it all started with decluttering.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. 

~ Isaac Newton quoting Bernard of Chatres (1159)