Finding Support as a Creative

I got dolls coming!

This may be one of the last posts that I make at this iteration of my website. To start the New Year and renew my commitment to developing a professional creative practice (read return to selling my art) I will be creating a new website, most likely at Shopify. I will also be restarting my email list with a new provider, so stay tuned for a great new freebie coming soon. (I need to make this change regardless, because it seems that my list or my opt-in form has been hacked. So don’t try to join the list just now. If you want to talk to me and my friends about art and creativity go to my Facebook group instead.)

What has caused this sudden mobility, you ask? I have finally overcome my own resistance and joined a creative artists’ support community – and it’s even paid. This is an investment in myself and a tangible demonstration of my commitment to living a creatively fulfilling AND prosperous life.

The group I have joined is The Expansive Artists created and run by pro-artist, writer, and educator, Marissa Cummings of Creative Thursday. So far the value has been in the learning opportunities – the site is tremendously dense with so much information about arts marketing and business practices, as well as embracing a creative professional mindset. There is also a lot of live content and communication with other artists.

I was inspired to finally do something of this nature when I realized that my recent successes have all come from being part of a group – in my case Women In Media – or having someone outside of my immediate family, someone with some distance and perspective then, as a supportive foundation. I would probably still be fiddling around with completing my book without the tenacious advocacy of my accountability buddy, who made sure I enacted a daily practice. I guess I’m what Gretchen Rubin would call an Obliger – someone who is most effective when meeting external expectations, and loses motivation when the expectation is all internal.

Meanwhile being part of a writers’ critique and support group through WiM has meant that I am accountable for submitting work for feedback on a regular schedule, and I get useful feedback. There is nothing like thinking something is done, only to find there is so much more that could be done to improve the piece. It’s been wonderful to do this regularly as part of an ongoing schedule.

The other valuable support that I have found over the last year, has been in my own seeking of other teachers and unintended mentors – the work of writer and YouTuber Sarra Cannon and in Mel Robbins‘ writing and videos. Sarra, with her Heart Breathings channel, is full of useful information for writers and planner-lovers, while Mel is all about goal setting, overcoming resistance, and taking action on your goals. One of her sayings that I love most is “If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move on it within 5 seconds, or your brain will kill the idea.” Don’t just visualize – DO! Intuition and hearts as well as science-based and the mind.

With all this fantastic support and community around me, I really feel like 2022 is going to be a magnificent year of growth and development on both a personal and professional level.

This month’s Creativity Blast challenge/prompt

  • Where do you find emotional and practical support for your creative practice? 
  • Will you join a group or more than one?