Try It Tuesday – Quick Projects

Quick tags
Quick tags made with origami paper, stickers and collage sheets on ready made card stock tags

Your Mission: make a list of 10 quick projects that can be fillers for your Daily or Weekly schedule. They should be easy to finish in a short chunk of time – you choose the time frame. It might be 2 hours, one hour, 30 minutes – including prep and tidy up.

Then put them on your Calendar or into your weekly planner. They need not be everyday – they could even be once a week. (Think of that – 10 weeks worth of creative activity all planned out!)

What kind of projects should these be?

Something familiar that is part of your regular practice. EG: If you are a paper crafter, make quick cards, or tags. Here’s something new at ScraPerfect that turns out to be fast and easy. Maybe it’s a super fast blog post – one topic that rarely fails is writing a gratitude list.

Something new but related – if you like to sketch or paint, what about some collage ATCs? Maybe it’s playing with some graphics and image filters to make some images for your blog. If you embroider, try using a different surface (paper, card, plastic) and make something simple like a bookmark. What is your favorite art form?

Something totally new -Learning a completely new skill usually takes a lot longer than an hour or so. But the point of the mission is to schedule a limited time to blast through something. So maybe the listed task is watching a how-to video, or reading a different publication. Maybe it is mindstorming a new project or sketching out 5 different design ideas. Maybe it is putting together a miniature vision board for the new project or art form.

Ready to start listing (at least) 10 mini-projects? Go!

My list of quick projects
My list of quick projects – a couple are household things that are bothering me. But not until after I have 10 art/craft related ideas. This need not be the order that you do the projects!