Follow along project – a new product line

Mermaid work-in-progress project tray

I thought it might be time to design a new product to sell on my Etsy store. I already have several different kinds of art dolls including Wish Dolls, Dream Star Dolls, Dream Dolls, Bead Head dolls, and Either Way Dolls (my kids’ toy design). I make fragrant sachets sometimes and I also sell printable collage sheets, and periodically add art tags and the odd piece of jewelry to my store. At the moment, I only have a few dolls available, so I definitely need to make some more soon. I used to love taking the works-in-progress with me to the park days when my daughter was young. I could stitch and bead and gab with moms, while all our kids played. I got a lot accomplished!

However, I’d like to work on a new handmade product line and thought that I would share my process going forward. This will be a totally new thing, by which I mean both the product and sharing the process; I have only ever once shared a step-by-step design process in this article. Most of the steps will be on my YouTube Channel, starting with mind storming some different ideas, and working out questions.

Will it be a large-scale or small-scale product?

Will it have a manufactured element – like the tees and other printed things available at Iggy Jingles Designs Café Press? Probably not – I want to focus more on a handmade one-of-a-kind in a series style of item. Oh look! It’s working already – I have an overarching idea.

Who is the intended market? This is always a tough question. As an artist making items that please me and my aesthetic and emotional needs, sometimes it takes a while to establish who and where the buyers are.

Home décor? Personal accessory? Indoors? Outdoors? Will I have to learn some new skills? Will I be collaborating with others, or working alone? Let’s find out.

I’ve got plenty of vintage fabrics and beads, paints, dyes and ephemera, not to mention paper craft supplies and tools. I also have some older notebooks and sketchbooks with the genesis of ideas lurking about in them. I will spend some time looking backward, in order to move forward. But not too much.

Will you join me on this? I’ll have a Playlist on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and “ring the bell” for notifications. It might feel somewhat open-ended, but I am hoping to have a new product ready for launch in April. 

Wish doll on sachet