It’s Seasonal, Yo

When we want to submit to the big seasonal issues of magazines – their holiday issues – it can be disappointing to discover that even 2 or 3 months early, you probably have missed the boat.

Editorial calendars are very seasonal. It can feel nutty, trying to think about goblins, ghosts and fall colorways right when all you want to do is pastel bunnies and spring flowers. Folks could be planning their Thanksgiving and Christmas issues in July, their Halloween issue in May. It’s time right now, to submit for these seasonal special issues.

You can avoid that feeling of being behind by thinking ahead. Take photos during your preparations and events all through the year. This means your crafty décor, creative foods, gifts. Save those clever ideas for next year’s seasonal submissions. Suppose you have a Fourth of July party with cool party favors – you will be able to submit those projects in winter for the following year.

It never hurts to have your gifts sorted out early. If you are a gift maker, think how much easier your holiday season will be if you have your beautiful gifts ready to go by August.

What about trends? Think ahead. Use today’s colors to predict next season’s ones, and make your best guess at the trends.

This last idea can be a little daunting. Pantone has already in February 2018, published its color forecast for 2019 ( – and this is not an inexpensive book. The forecast affects makers by changing what the trend colors will be for all kinds of things including the next holidays. For example, is next Christmas going to be one with muted dark reds and greens and antique white? Or is the trend to use leaf or lime green going to continue? What about the Nordic influence of replacing green with that bright aqua, with red and white, from a couple of Christmases ago? One thing you know for sure – whatever the color trends will be, they will be slightly different from last year. If last year was all about gold, next year will probably be all about silver, or perhaps pewter. For this reason, I doubt that the leaf green will stay current.

As for summer colors, those go in waves. You will have a summer where everything is primary brights, then the following year the colors will be relatively saturated pastels – “gelato colors” as they used to say, then the next year they will be true pastels, with lots of white. Then it will be back to brights. This Spring the color forecast ( was in the gelato area – with the idea to mix colors differently. This trend of unusual combinations is worth considering. If it continues we might see some unusual papers, some mixed yarns, and surprising fabric colorways. We should be aware of different dyes. The holidays might be unusual. We could see a different shade of blue, and cream instead of white for Hanukkah décor. We might see burgundy and fuchsia instead of true red for next Christmas.

Alternatively, stick to the classics in style, that are essentially change little – for example prims tend to stick to the same muted, aged color palette no matter what. Retro (like Mid-Century Modern) and vintage aesthetics reproduce the same colorways from their own eras.

Either way, now is the time to think about the end of the year, and those crafty celebrations.

Some magazines don’t specify their editorial calendars – but you can be sure they still have them.