Journaling for Business and Pleasure

The front page of my art journal 2019

For the last year I have been using a notebook as a bullet journal, and it has been helpful. The best use for me has been as a place to “brain dump” ideas and to do lists in one place, as well as gain a monthly and weekly overview of my tasks. However, the best thing having a bullet journal did for me was prove that I typically and usually have an overly optimistic view of what I can accomplish on any one day or week. I now have positive yearlong recorded proof that I try to do too much in too short a time. That little > for a task that has been moved forward is the most used of all the symbols in the bullet journal system. That’s a problem.

This writer talks about how the she previously had unrealistic self-expectations too (jump to the 5:00 minute mark) and what she has done about it.

I will not only be using a planner journal for business purposes. I am also going to incorporate an art journal into my daily routine, to invigorate and ground my creativity practice. I’ll be sharing on my YouTube channel throughout the year.

This year, I am holding tight to what has worked:

  • Planning blog posts (for my three blogs) well in advance and writing down my editorial calendar.
  • Spending some time every day writing something, and mostly my books.
  • Doing my daily exercise, either walking or yoga, as my morning routine.
  • Volunteering one half-day a week – it really refreshes my spirit to feel I am helping people.

What I will be doing:

  • Getting my main blog posts all written in clusters in the first quarter of the year – which leaves room for extra posts as time goes on.
  • Forgiving myself for not making as much art, and not filming quite as many videos as I would like to.
  • Slowly reorganizing my studio to bring my writing and art together in one cohesive space.

What I want to do:

  • Create a doable social media marketing schedule.
  • Put together a couple of book proposals.
  • Devise and launch a couple of courses – one arts practice course, and one about resumes and job hunting.
  • Start my magazine submission subscription club in the second half of the year. 

The other thing that I am doing this year is using a ready-made journal notebook instead of a blank one for my planner. It has already saved me time in ruling lines and counting out days. It has the same useful layout as my old notebook that I drew by hand. It has plenty of room, and extra pages for notes, brain dumps or project breakdowns. I’ve already got note pages clipped to it.

Here’s how one business person I admire manages her bullet journal. She is also all about time blocking.

Do you use a journal to highlight your professional goals or manage your weekly or daily to-do list? What has worked for you?

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