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Sir Ken Robinson – The TED talks. Here are his wonderful and famous presentations about creativity. He criticizes how contemporary schooling often devalues and discourages creative thinking.

Howard Gardner, who developed the concept of multiple intelligences, is a go-to thinker. Everyone writing about general creativity pretty much quotes him first. His definition of creativity puts some limits on the concept that I tend to argue against, based on my experience with my own daughter.
“Creativity should not be viewed simply as a characteristic of an individual. Rather, creativity emerges from the interaction of three entities: l) the individual, with his given talents, personality, and motivation; 2) the domain—the discipline or craft in which the individual is working; 3) the field—the set of individuals and social institutions that render judgments about quality and originality.”

He also suggests that it takes at least 10 years of practice for true creativity to emerge, but I think he is talking about what I would call the “Crafts of Creativity” – skills acquisition and mastery – not creative thinking itself. A person may have an idea that is new to him or her, and feel all the excitement of making an original creative discovery, without knowing that the same idea was already written down by Socrates a couple of thousand years ago.

My daughter had never heard of the Futurists or seen Giacomo Balla’s “Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash” when she created several drawings illustrating scenes from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie using the exact same concept of showing movement within a single frame. She was six. Her technique did not have the expertise of the masters, but her creative thinking and her communicative goal in creating the pieces were surely their equal.

Jayn's Futurism
“Fleur and the Goblet of Fire” by Jayn (age 6)

Planet SARK is the website home of spiritual creative coach SARK, Susan Kennedy. The website includes many links to her writing and speaking. Her goal is to inspire Succulent creative living.

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