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Curved Path

But here are some links to specific articles of interest.

Encouraging Creativity ~ the Connections E-zine article that started it all for me.

Path to an Uncluttered Mind ~  What completely self-inflicted “obligations” have you been holding on to, that are cluttering up your mind or spirit?

If I Were Interviewed on Etsy I’d Say This ~ I’m not likely to be an Etsy Featured Seller any time soon, but that doesn’t mean I can’t interview myself and answer the same enlivening questions others have answered, including about my creative process and inspirations.

Not Creative ~ Maybe it’s a good thing that school arts funding is being cut.

She’s Not Me ~ When I observe my daughter and see her unencumbered authentic personality and unique characteristics, I realize that she is not a prisoner of either genetics or my past. (Some interesting tidbits from before I fell in love with paper crafting too.)

It’s Good to Have Challenges in Life ~ What matters is doing, learning, making – and persistence – the steep learning curve of new crafting skills.

Found: The Artist Within  ~ When I was in college, much of our philosophical discussion time was spent digging around the definition of “Artist”. I don’t think we ever came to a final consensus.

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