30 Days of Gratitude in One Day

30+ Days of Gratitude in one day

  1. That my husband is kind and loving and patient
  2. For my daughter’s love
  3. A home that is pretty easy to take care of
  4. A good, comfy bed
  5. Every faucet with clean water
  6. That I have a honda car that never gives up
  7. I have my health have time to walk and read and play
  8. I know how to do many things
  9. How cool fog is
  10. Our swimming pool
  11. I live in a place where birds live and other birds visit
  12. An abundance of squirrels
  13. Trash service is included in our rent and curbside recycling
  14. Satellite TV and the DVR
  15. Excellence all around me
  16. ScraPerfect design team work
  17. My computer and Kindle
  18. My iPhone and all it can do
  19. Southern California weather
  20. That opportunities keep coming
  21. I make a lovely stew that my family likes
  22. Dishwashers
  23. Google to learn anything
  24. Facebook
  25. That there are clever people working on every problem
  26. I still have dreams
  27. That I was led to unschooling
  28. Sushi
  29. 24 hour markets
  30. I still look good
  31. I had a super easy menopause
  32. That I can carry a coupla hundred books with me everywhere I go
  33. I can be of service to my family

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  1. I like a lot reading the things others are grateful for – sometimes it reminds me of things I’m not paying enough attention to that make life awesome. And oh, yeah, I really agree with your #32!

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