This week’s news

Front of house
Our new house

I’m thrilled to say that my husband and I have had our offer accepted on a wonderful, beautifully finished little house in Mid-City. We are doing a super short escrow, to try to get into our new home before the holidays.

So there’s no creativity blast this week, and probably not next week either.

However rather than leaving without any inspiration, I invite you to visit my Pinterest boards, and start your own if you haven’t already….and start Pinning!

My experience is that the more particular and detailed the theme, title and description is for your board the better. The description should contain keywords to help people discover them for searching. Having a bunch of boards with specific titles like “Paper decoupage”, “Crochet”, “Wall art” and “Hot Glue Projects” is better than just one entitled “Crafts”.

Alternatively if you don’t want to be found at all, you can choose to make your boards secret.

You will find everything from recipes to building plans to quotes suitable for framing to fine art to fabulous vacation spots to gardening tutorials on the wide world of Pinterest. I use it as an adjunct to my creative businesses, but you can also use your boards for personal inspiration and to find like minded folk. Please comment on any pins that you especially like.

Stay tuned for the resumption of the Creativity Blasts soon, from my gorgeous new workshop space. I know it will be gorgeous! We are very excited about the prospect of decorating for the holidays this year!