Trust your Inner Knowledge

It’s not pretty, but it is a good daily reminder.

It’s a new year, and many people use this time to reset and restart. If you are like me, you know that this is a great time to focus on goals, choose a new word or theme for the year (my 2020 word is “Consistent”), and get reorganized.

I have restarted the adapted bullet journal/notebook system I have used relatively effectively for the last couple of years – I did let it fall off for the second half of 2019. I considered carefully what worked, and what was less useful. One thing I’m excited about is my new weekly layout and the meal planning that I put into place just last month. My goal is to make my schedule simpler so that I can take advantage of the biggest change in my life – my daughter is in college and she and my husband LEAVE THE HOUSE pretty much every morning so that I am home ALONE all day long and have the chance to really get some work done without interruption.

Turns out, I felt some unacknowledged discomfort trying to work and deeply focus on creative work while someone else was in the house and might need my attention or help at any time. It wasn’t their fault, but it seemed like someone was always waiting for me to be done. However, I was ignoring that feeling, and tended to beat myself up a bit for not being more efficient, more productive or more creative. Now, I feel the difference. I know exactly how long I have for my own work. It’s wonderful to feel comfortable diving into creative flow.

On the flip side, it is all on me if I don’t get my planned work done.

Old Dreams, New Goals

I am undertaking a dreams and goals workshop right now (it’s free), and have been reading lots of new books, that I talk about on my other blog.

Something that comes up repeatedly is the idea of trusting your intuition, or your own feelings, to know what is right for you, and whether you are on a good path. I want to encourage you to listen and examine the sensations that appear in your body as being signs.

There is a difference between being nervous about something – worried about whether a risk is acceptable, for example – and feeling dread that something is just wrong for you.

As you plan your day, your week, your month, your quarter, your year, your decade…phew… check your physical sensations.

If you feel weight, or contraction, that is a sign that this idea might not be right just now or needs more examination. Look at where you feel tension or pain in your body. Physical discomfort, even ailments can sometimes be your body knowing better than you do. Think of all the phrases that apply to the body, that are wonderful metaphors – “feel it in your gut”, “butterflies in your stomach”, “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”, “bend over backwards for someone”.

If you fidget or are restless in your chair – that is often a sign that your mind needs a break, as well as your body. I have been using Pomodoro technique which has built in breaks.

Look for a sensation of lightness. That is a sign of rightness. One of the questions in the Best Decade program is “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be working toward right now?” For a wonderful few moments, I let the lightness of that feeling inform my dreams.

Another quote from Thoreau